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Forever Princess by Meg Cabot.


Title: Forever Princess.
Author: Meg Cabot.
Genre: Fiction, teen, epistolary novels, YA, romance, humour.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: January 2, 2009.
Summary: It's Mia's senior year, and things seem great. She aced her senior project, got accepted to her dream college(s), and has her 18th birthday gala coming up, not to mention prom, graduation, and Genovia's first-ever elections. What's not to love about her life? Well... Everyone adores her dreamy boyfriend, J.P., but Mia is not sure he's the one. Her first love, Michael, is back from Japan and back in her life. That senior project is a romance novel she secretly wrote, and no one wants to publish it. And her father is losing in the Genovian polls to Mia's loathsome cousin René! With not just Genovia's, but her own future, hanging in the balance, Mia's got some choices to make. And what she decides might determine not just the next four years, but forever!

My rating: 8/10.

♥ Look, I get the fashion thing now. I do. How you look on the outside is a reflection of how you feel about yourself on the inside. If you let yourself go - not washing your hair, wearing the same clothes you slept in all day or clothes that don't fit or are out of style - that says, "I do not care about myself. And you shouldn't care about me either."

♥ And now Rocky is begging me to watch Dora the Explorer with him. I understand that millions of kids love Dora and have learned to read or whatever from her show. But I wouldn't mind if Dora fell off a cliff and took her little pals with her.

♥ I've just realized the truth, which is: No one can help me. My problems are just too weird. Where am I going to find a therapist with experience helping an American girl who finds out she is, in fact, a princess of a small European country, who also has a mother who married her Algebra teacher, a father who can't commit to romantic relationships at all, a best friend who won't speak to her, an ex-boyfriend she can't stop kissing in a Central Park carriage, a boyfriend who wrote a play revealing intimate details about them, and a grandmother who is certifiably insane?

Nowhere. That's where.
Tags: 1st-person narrative, 2000s, 21st century - fiction, american - fiction, bildungsroman, diary (fiction), epistolary fiction, fiction, humour (fiction), romance, sequels, teen, ya

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