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Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares.


Title: Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood.
Author: Ann Brashares.
Genre: Fiction, romance, family, teen lit, YA.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: 2005.
Summary: The four girls and the magical jeans that keep them connected are back for another summer. Banned by her father from going to an arts college as she would like, Lena makes a portfolio in hopes of a scholarship, using her family as models, and as a result learns more about them: her sister Effie's anger that Lena is leaving for college, her mother's struggle between Lena's wishes and her father's, her father's fear of Lena entering a world he is unfamiliar with, and her grandmother's wishes that someone pay attention to her misery instead of simply ignoring it. Tibby has a crisis of courage - afraid of taking their relationship further with Brian and reeling from depression, guilt, and fear of taking chances after her younger sister's accident, Tibby may need a little help from Carmen's very pregnant mother to gain some perspective. Bridget attends soccer camp in Pensylvania and her new partner is a blast from the past - Eric, her crush from a year ago, now in a relationship, but when she feels their feelings re-awakening, she wonders if she's about to make the same mistakes again. Carmen feels stressed out over her mother’s pregnancy and her job watching Lena’s grandmother, and her fears that once she leaves for college she will be forever barred from her old life, and then she meets and falls for Win, worrying all the while he may not exactly have an accurate impression of her character.

My rating: 8/10.

♥ She thought she'd learned a lesson from Katherine's fall out of the window. The lesson was: Don't open, don't climb, don't reach, and you will not fall. But it was the wrong lesson! She had learned the wrong lesson!

The real lesson embodied in Katherine's three-year-old frame was the opposite: try, reach, want, and you may fall. But even if you do, you might be okay anyway.

Flexing her feet under the covers, Tibby thought of a corollary to this lesson: If you don't try, you save nothing, because you might as well be dead.

♥ Sex could be a blissful communion. But it could also be a weapon, and its absence, sometimes, was required for the establishment of peace.

♥ Only this time, Tibby felt the tears fall when they said "the rest of our lives". Because in the past that had always seemed like a distant road, and tonight, she knew in her heart, they were already on it.

♥ "Hey, it's me," she said when Tibby answered

"You okay?" Tibby asked. It was so nice how a person who loved you could pick up on your mood in three small words.

♥ There were certain qualities you possessed carelessly. And you couldn't retrieve them when they were gone. The very act of caring made them impossible to regain.

♥ And when Tibby thought of Bailey, it made sense, because a god who was smart enough to want Bailey back as soon as possible was also smart enough to see the beauty of Katherine. Katherine was too good for the world Tibby lived in. Tibby belonged there just fine, but not Katherine. Katherine was brave and generous and passionate. If she weren't on God's dance card, then who would be? Tibby would stand in the corner of heaven, if she ever made it there, but Katherine, like Bailey, would be doing the polka or the bunny hop or maybe the bus stop with God.

♥ He wouldn't hear her words. She doubted he'd hear her silence, either.

♥ Love was the best padding anybody could have.

♥ She hated Valia's nasty peppermint ice cream too. And furthermore, she hated Valia. Valia was a big, fat baby. Carmen hated babies. She hated old people. She hated everyone in between. She hated everyone.

♥ Sometimes trust felt like the worst gift in the world.

♥ The beautiful thing about getting someone to tell you what was wrong was that you could tell them something to make it better.

♥ ...and he'd say, "Growing up is for the crap, but it's better than the alternative."

Well, for the first time Tibby realized there was an alternative. It was walking right next to Tibby, licking her orange Creamsicle and breaking Tibby's heart.

♥ As a child, you were taught to see the world in geometric shapes and primary colors. It was as if the adults needed to equip you with more accomplishments. ("Lena already knows her colors!") Then you had to spend the rest of your life unlearning them. That was life, as far as Lena could tell. Making everything simple for the first ten years, which in turn made everything way more complicated for the subsequent seventy.

♥ A good drawing was a record of your visual experience, but a beautiful drawing was a record of your feelings about that visual experience.

♥ Win had spent a lifetime missing a baby who'd been lost, and she'd spent a summer resenting a baby who hadn't yet come.

♥ Her mother told her once that when you feel someone else's pain and joy as powerfully as if it were your own, then you knew you really loved them. Right now Carmen knew she had the pain part right. The joy... well, she still had work to do on that.
Tags: 2000s, 21st century - fiction, 3rd-person narrative, american - fiction, art (fiction), family saga, fiction, old age (fiction), parenthood (fiction), romance, sequels, teen, ya

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