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Sardine in Outer Space 1 by Emmanuel Guibert and Joann Sfar.


Title: Sardine in Outer Space 1.
Author: Emmanuel Guibert.
Artist Joann Sfar.
Genre: Fiction, fantasy, science fiction, children's lit, YA, adventure, humour.
Country: France.
Language: French.
Publication Date: 2000.
Summary: In the goofy space adventures of a little girl called Sardine, encounters aren't always friendly: weird creatures, cosmic squids, masters of the universe, talking clouds, and evil beings abound. In this volume of twelve stories, Supermuscleman, the chief executive dictator of the universe, is on a mission to make all the galaxy's kids behave. Sardine must enlist the help of her cousin Lou and her pirate uncle, the gruff Captain Yellow Shoulder, to outwit him and his evil plans.

My rating: 7/10.
Tags: 2000s, 20th century - fiction, adventure, children's lit, fantasy, fiction, french - fiction, graphic novels, graphic short stories, series, translated, ya

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