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Ricky Rouse Has a Gun by Jörg Tittel and John Aggs.


Title: Ricky Rouse Has a Gun.
Author: Jörg Tittel.
Artist: John Aggs.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, politics, satire, social criticism.
Country: U.K.
Language: English.
Publication Date: June 12, 2014.
Summary: Rick Rouse is a US Army deserter who, after running away to China, gets a job at Fengxian Amusement Park — a family destination heavily “inspired” by Western culture, featuring Rambi (the deer with a red headband), Ratman (the caped crusader with a rat’s tail), Bumbo (small ears and a big behind), and dozens of other original characters. The park’s general manager is convinced that Rick was destined to greet Fengxian customers, dressed as none other than Ricky Rouse. A relentless action comedy, a satire of US–China relations, a parody of Western entertainment, and a curious look at China — a country that, once we look past its often outrageous copyright infringements, is a culture ripe with innovation and a unique, courageous spirit.

My rating: 7.5/10.
Tags: 2010s, 21st century - fiction, british - fiction, chinese in fiction, fiction, graphic novels, politics (fiction), satire, social criticism (fiction)

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