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Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris.


Title: Dead in the Family.
Author: Charlaine Harris.
Genre: Fiction, romance, vampire fiction, werewolf fiction, mystery, crime.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: May 4, 2010.
Summary: After enduring torture and the loss of loved ones during the brief but deadly Fae War, Sookie Stackhouse is hurt, and she's mad. Just about the only bright spot in her life is the love she thinks she feels for vampire Eric Northman. But he's under scrutiny by the new vampire king. And as the political implications of the shifters' coming-out are beginning to be felt, Sookie's connection to one particular Were draws her into the dangerous debate. Also, though the doors to Faery have been closed, there are still some fae on the human side, and one of them is angry at Sookie. Very, very angry.

My rating: 8/10.

♥ In my darkest moments - and this was one of them - I wondered if my life was worth the price that had been paid for it.

♥ It’s not always easy to make yourself feel the way you ought to feel.

♥ “So if you could do it in a rush of rage when Viktor was attacking you, that would be preferable to planning a way to kill him when he couldn’t fight back effectively?”

Okay, put it like that my attitude didn’t make much sense. I could see that if you were willing to kill someone, planning to kill someone, wishing someone would die, quibbling about the circumstances would be ridiculous.

♥ Humans see what they want to see… what they expect to see.

♥ Shouldn’t we always be ready to listen to the sad stories of others? If they want to tell them, aren’t we obliged to listen?

♥ We were a strange little family grouping: two telepaths and a fairy.

♥ I could see how he might have hoped that Ocella would never visit, so I was willing to give Eric a pass… but I couldn’t help thinking that instead of his lecture on the ways vampires had sliced up my country according to their own convenience, it would have been more practical to let me know his maker could appear in my bedroom.

♥ He shrugged. “I was glad when they found them and gave them burial,” he said. But when I saw his eyes, I knew that his words were a thin layer of ice over a pit of pain.

♥ And being alone is a lot more fun if it’s optional.

♥ I said a prayer or two, hoping that would restore my normal good mood, but it didn’t work today. Possibly I wasn’t approaching prayer in the right spirit. God isn’t the same as taking a happy pill - far from it.

♥ Constant blame, or constant blamelessness.

There had to be better choices.
Tags: 1st-person narrative, 2010s, 21st century - fiction, american - fiction, crime, fiction, mystery, romance, sequels, sookie stackhouse, vampire fiction, werewolf fiction

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