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Dead but not Forgotten by Rachel Caine, Christopher Golden, Leigh Perry, Jeffrey J. Mariotte...


Title: Dead but not Forgotten: Stories from the World of Sookie Stackhouse.
Author: Rachel Caine, Christopher Golden, Leigh Perry, Jeffrey J. Mariotte, Seanan McGuire, Jeanne C. Stein, Jonathan Maberry, Nicole Peeler, Leigh Evans, Bill Crider, Nancy Holder, Miranda James, Suzanne McLeod, Dana Cameron, and Dana Cameron.
Genre: Fiction, short stories, novellas, romance, fantasy, humour, diary, epistolary fiction, crime, mystery, adventure, werewolf fiction, vampire fiction.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: May 13, 2014.
Summary: A collection of 15 short stories by various fantasy authors, featuring various minor and secondary characters from the Sookie Stackhouse universe. Nobody's Business features Kevin Pryor and Kenya Jones, and the burgeoning romance that comes of their partnership when they pursue a dangerous case. In Tyger, Tyger, Quinn and his family is in trouble as the government works on a secret program to turn elite soldiers into weres. In The Real Santa Claus, Diantha gets to play private investigator to find out if Sam is cheating on Sookie, or something else is amiss in the Stackhouse household. In Taproot Andy Bellefleur works to solve Lafayette's murder, re-lives his first big crush, and helps Sam survive the invasion of a Hollywood film crew. In Knit a Sweater Out of Sky, Amelia tries her hand at a magic that may just be way beyond her strength. Love Story tells a story, through diary entries, of Adele Hale Stackhouse and the way she had come to meet and be with the fairy who was Sookie's real grandfather. In The Million-Dollar Hunt, Mustapha Khan finds himself in trouble as he's forced to compete a survivor reality-show for supernatural fighters that, unbeknownst to him, is to the death. In Borderline Dead, Desiree Dumas has left The Bat's Wing and the life of a fang-banger behind in Dallas and is forging a new life for herself in Arizona, but soon finds the past is not that easy to escape from. In Extreme Makeover Vamp Edition, interior decorators Bev & Todd must give a vampire set for an arranged marriage a make-over, if they can get her to come out of her isolation, first. Don’t Be Cruel is the story of Bubba's near-crucifixion at the hands of Russell Edgington, told from his point of view. What a Dream I Had reveals that Alcide Herveaux's bad luck with women actually started on a very unfortunate highschool date. In Another Dead Fairy, Claude and Claudine investigate the mysterious murder of their sister, Claudette. In The Bat-Signal, the were-bat Luna is searching for a missing teen, and gets some unexpected help when she runs into Hunter and Remy Savoy and discovers Hunter's secret gift. In The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars, Pam meets and is taken by her maker, Eric. In Widower’s Walk, Eric comes back to Bon Temps a few generations after Sookie to observe Sookie's ancestors, and perhaps save a life.

My rating: 7.5/10.

♥ The thing about magic is that it doesn't really care about right or wrong or maintaining the balance of things; magic finds its own balance if you give it long enough. What magic cares about is respect. Do you respect what you're doing? Do you understand it well enough to do it properly, or are you just a kid fooling around in your mama's closet and making a mess out of things? Magic isn't forgiving. It doesn't treat nicely with people who don't treat respectfully with it. But sadly, that doesn't mean the people who are respectful are immune from getting hurt.

~~Knit a Sweater Out of Sky by Seanan McGuire.

♥ Mustapha was tough, but one of the keys to survival was to know the exact dimensions of your personal power. Without self-deception. No sane person lets his ego write a check his ass can't cash.

~~The Million-Dollar Hunt by Jonathan Maberry.

♥ I nearly kissed him right then and there, but Daddy always said there was a time and place. He'd been talking about displaying taxidermy, but it was still good general advice.

~~Borderline Dead by Nicole Peeler.
Tags: 1st-person narrative, 2010s, 21st century - fiction, 3rd-person narrative, adventure, american - fiction, crime, diary (fiction), epistolary fiction, fantasy, fiction, humour (fiction), mystery, novellas, romance, sequels, short stories, sookie stackhouse, spin-offs, vampire fiction, werewolf fiction

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