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Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe by Bryan Lee O'Malley.


Title: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe.
Author: Bryan Lee O'Malley.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novels, manga, teen, fantasy, adventure, humour, romance, sequel.
Country: Canada.
Language: English.
Publication Date: February 4th 2009.
Summary: Why did Scott Pilgrim have to turn 24? It's not a good start. Things have been getting a little tense between Scott and Ramona, and it's not helping matters that his clingy ex, Knives Chau, let it drop that Scott started dating Ramona when he was still dating her. Plus it's time for Scott to face Ramona's next two evil exes - the Japanese robotics specialists and twins, Kyle and Ken. But beating them may not be enough to keep Ramona around anymore...

My rating: 8/10.
My review:
Tags: 2000s, 21st century - fiction, adventure, canadian - fiction, fantasy, fiction, graphic novels, humour (fiction), manga, romance, sequels, teen

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