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The Blue Lotus by Hergé.


Title: The Blue Lotus.
Author: Hergé.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, humour, adventure, mystery.
Country: Belgium.
Language: French.
Publication Date: 1936.
Summary: A direct sequel to Cigars of the Pharaoh (Tintin in the Orient). The tale unfolds in China, a place as yet unknown and mysterious to Tintin. But it looks like he may have bitten off more than he can chew this time, as he takes on the task of wiping out the international opium trade, which has a vice-like grip on the country. With the assistance of the secret society, Sons of the Dragon, and his friend Chang, Tintin succeeds in overcoming myriad obstacles to finally triumph over his adversaries and disband their network of corruption.

My rating: 7.5/10.
My preview:

♥ "I am Chang Chong-chen... But...why did you save my life? I thought all white devils were wicked, like those who killed my grandfather and grandmother long ago. During the War of Righteous and Harmonious Fists, my father said."

"The Boxer Rebellion, yes. But Chang, all white men aren't wicked. You see, different peoples don't know enough about each other. Lots of Europeans still believe that all Chinese are cunning and cruel and wear pigtails, are always inventing tortures, and eating rotten eggs and swallows' nests. The same stupid Europeans are quite convinced that all Chinese have tiny feet, and even now little Chinese girls suffer agonies with bandages designed to prevent their feet developing normally. They're even convinced that Chinese rivers are full of unwanted babies, thrown in when they are born. So you see Chang, that's what lots of people believe about China!"

"They must be crazy people in your country!!"
Tags: 1930s - fiction, 20th century - fiction, adventure, belgian - fiction, chinese in fiction, crime, cultural studies (fiction), detective fiction, drugs (fiction), fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction, humour (fiction), indian in fiction, journalism (fiction), mystery, race (fiction), sequels, tintin, translated, travel and exploration (fiction)

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