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MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 6 by Various.


Title: MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 6.
Author: Mac Walters, LeVar Burton and Mark Wolfe, Frank Stockton, Art Baltazar, Scott Morse, Andi Watson, Larry Marder, Stan Sakai, Ron Chan, Jaime Hernandez, Jason Little, Graham Annable, Matt Kindt, Gabriel Bá, Mark Crilley, Justin Aclin, Simon Spurrier, Jackie Kessler, and Evan Dorkin.
Artist: Eduardo Francisco, David Hahn, Frank Stockton, Art Baltazar, Scott Morse, Andi Watson, Larry Marder, Stan Sakai, Ron Chan, Jaime Hernandez, Jason Little, Graham Annable, Matt Kindt, Gabriel Bá, Mark Crilley, Ben Bates, Christopher Mitten, Paul Lee, and Hilary Barta.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, anthology, short stories.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: February, 2011.
Summary: This volume contains 23 graphic short stories, many already part of or spin-offs of existing canons. In Incursion, a part of the Mass Effect universe, the leader of Afterlife, the seediest space city, Aria T'Loak, ambushes some human collectors, and gets her hands on information that bodes very poorly for humanity overall. Con-CERNed is a story about a man who gets hurt during an accident of the Hadron Collider, and suddenly gains the ability to manifest the objects he dreams about, but his abilities may actually be tapping into another dimension. In Rick Shambles is Forever Adrift, the awkward hero Rick Shambles sneaks into an alien spaceship to liberate Princess Penelope, but self-esteem issues hold him back from being the valiant hero he imagines he could be. In Meteor Mite, a meteor pursued by some evil Crater Heads hits the earth, and though it turns his friends and girlfriend into giant monsters, it also helps Mikey the Mite find his super-powers. In Grimmiss Island, a couple of Mama Woogee witch doctors use too many hot peppers and create a mischievous skeleton that immediately takes off running, but luckily, he turns out to be just what a local enraged Volcano Goddess has been looking for. Chiptie Butternut: The Fastest Squirrel in the Whurld!!! is a story about a reckless driver Chiptie, who learns a valuable lesson when a frustrated bird challenges him to a race. In Hen and the Door-to-Door Ogre Salesman, little Henrietta encounters a door-to-door salesman ogre who threatens to eat her if she refuses to buy any of his wares, but she has her own tricks up her sleeve. In Beanworld, Beanish is taken to explore the "path of something more," but it's not quite what he expects. In Cut the Plum, a part of Usagi Yojimbo universe, Usagi is incredibly grateful when he doesn't allow Jotaro to practice his precision skills with his sword on his face. In Tobb: The Sling!, a young man with exceptional sling arm riding on a capybara named Wurdell has been sent by a village on a quest to retrieve a magic rune stone from an evil castle, but they'll have to defeat everything guarding it first. In Las Primas Controla, a young superhero hasn't quite gotten the grasp on her powers (or transformation words) when she is forced to battle a growing menace. In Bee in... the Ramble, two friends out on the town get kicked out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for trying to run "ass tours", a movie theater for inappropriate and abrasive behaviour, and finally a bar for being underage. Love Note is a sketch about a man who gets so aggravated trying to write a letter to his beloved, that he lands on a much more drastic measure. Giant Man in the Philippines is a story about Craig Pressgang, the 3-storey-high man, being sent on a secret assignment to aid the war in Vietnam, with disastrous consequences. Fiction is a story about a writer who cannot sell his fiction, so he begins to write fictional autobiographies, telling the readers what they want to hear. In The Scene of the Crime, Brody, a part of the Brody's Ghost universe, a young man who gets flashes of people's lives by touching them, and his ghost partner Talia, are on the trail of a young woman's murderer when they run into an enraged man at the scene of the crime. In The Midnight Train, a part of the Brody's Ghost universe, Brody rescues a woman from some thugs on a late-night sky train, but according to his ancient-samurai-ghost-mentor Kagemura, he fails the challenge by using excessive force. In The Test, a part of the Brody's Ghost universe, Kagemura trains Brody by sensory deprivation to awaken his "Greater Senses", and though Brody believes the exercise to be insane and useless, Kagemura proves that there is a reason to the madness. In The Big Game, a part of the Brody's Ghost universe, Brody is looking forward to watching the game and relaxing with his friend Gabe's new plasma TV, but Talia has a lead she wants Brody to follow, and she won't take no for an answer. S.H.O.O.T. First: The Wooden Saint introduces S.H.O.O.T. - the Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce - an organization that hunts eliminates all non-humans and occult phenomena, that interrupts an exorcism to take care of both the demon and the holy relic the priest had brought along. In In Fetu, after a drunk-driving tragic car crash that kills his pregnant wife, a man begins to experience baby-like scars and moles all over his body, until he's convinced his dead child is manifesting itself on his body, which leads him to madness and a horrible confession. In Tale of the Vampires - Carpe Noctem, a part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe, two vampire roommates, Ash and Cyn, navigate the newly created by Harmony world in which vampires are celebrities, expected to peacefully co-exist with humans; and while Ash enjoys the freedom and the unlimited blood, Cyn is sick and tired of being a leashed monster. In Englouorioues Mask-tards!, a part of The Mask universe, a bunch of Masks (headed by a masked-up Robert Rodriguez), crash the Cannes Film Festival and wreak carnage on the guests, with most panels being tributes to classic movie scenes.

My rating: 7/10.
My Review:

♥ Narrated by the wrong person, real life is just a sequence of boring events.

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