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The Sandman: The Wake by Neil Gaiman, and Michael Zulli, Jon J Muth and Charles Vess.


Title: The Sandman: The Wake.
Author: Neil Gaiman.
Artist: Michael Zulli, Jon J Muth, and Charles Vess.
Genre: Fiction, literature, fantasy, adventure, mythology.
Country: U.K.
Language: English.
Publication Date: 1995-1996.
Summary: The final volume of the Sandman series focuses on the wake of the King of Dreams, attended by dreamers and guests, celebrants and mourners. As one journey for the Endless ends another begins for the new aspect of the Lord of Dreams (formerly the child Daniel), and his family of the Endless.

My rating: 8.5/10.
My review:

♥ “He respected my people. We respected him. We were never lovers, and we never will be, now. I do not regret that, however. I regret the conversations we never had, the time we did not spend together. I regret that I never told him that he made me happy, when I was in his company. The world was the better for his being in it. These things alone do I now regret: things left unsaid. And he is gone. And I am old.”

♥ “It’s astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself into, if one works at it. And astonishing how much trouble one can get oneself out of, if one simply assumes that everything will, somehow or other, work out for the best.”

Old friend, in my mind only do I write you this letter,
But it is a splendid letter, with perfect brushwork,
Old hands do not shake or cramp when the letter is written on the air.

♥ “I know not what you are, but I believe you mean me no harm. Thus I have a request of you: a prayer, if you will, from one who knows that, while the gods listen to and answer all prayers, it is not unheard-of for the answer to be “No.””

♥ “I have no liking for prisons, Master Li. Sometimes I suspect that we build our traps ourselves, then we back into them, pretending amazement the while. That this is the way of life, from the All-Highest down to the meanest creature of creation… But whether this is the case or no, it is still a worthy thing to open cages. It is still a virtuous act to free the imprisoned.”

♥ “Lord - what was it the barbarian said, as the riders vanished?”

Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. ‘Everything changes but nothing is truly lost.’”

My guide had thought me taken by the desert,
Stolen by ogres and fox-spirits, stolen by demons or ghosts.
The kitten saved my life, making me cry out.
I think of the cry a newborn babe gives, arriving in the world.
My beard and clothes are crusted with sand, my body is sore and aching.
Was it a dream?
Or just a dream?
Or madness?
But truth or no, still I behaved in the correct manner,
And correctness in behaviour is one of the cardinal virtues.
I place the kitten in my sleeve once more.
I have saved his life, as he saved mine, and am responsible for him.
We cannot evade our responsibilities.
That which is dreamed
Can never be lost, can never be un-dreamed.

♥ “D’you know - muurp - why you’re always taking your plots from other people, Will?”

“Not really, Ben. But I have no doubt you will enlighten me.”

“I shall: look at me. In my time I’ve been a soldier, a scholar, a pauper, a duelist, an actor, a translator and a spy. I’ve killed a man in a duel. I’ve thrice been imprisoned. Risking my life for my religion, I proudly take communion from the Church of Rome, God look you. I’ve lived life to the full, what’ve you done, Will? A little tanning, held horses, a little acting, a little writing.”

“I’ve lived as much life as you, Ben."

"But I have met all sorts of people… from the lowest to the most high. Thus, I understand ‘em."

"I would have thought that all one needs to understand people is to be a person. And I have that honor.”

"I suppose you do. Lor', this puts me in mind of the old days, sparring over sack The Mermaid."

"You were sparring, Ben. I was only ever talking."

♥ "You know the trouble with you, Will? You live in words, not in the real world. You think too much. You dream too much."

"Whereas I consider myself a practical man."
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