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Water Baby by Ross Campbell.

Water Baby

Title: Water Baby.
Author: Ross Campbell.
Artist: Ross Campbell.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel.
Country: New York, U.S.
Language: English
Publication Date: Jul 8th, 2008.
Summary: Surfer Girl Brody just got her leg bitten off by a shark. What's worse? Jake, her shark of an ex-boyfriend, is back and when it comes to Brody's couch, he's not budging. It's up to Brody and her BFF Louisa to embark on the roadtrip from hell, narrowly escaping weird hitchhikers and shark-infested nightmares, to get Jake out of their lives forever. This time it's personal!

My rating: 4/10

♥ "I've been thinkin'. How weird it is to know that part of you was food for somethin' else. Like an animal, I mean. Like, people eat animals, like we kill cows an' chickens an' shit to eat, but we never eat one part of 'em an' leave the rest alive. Nobody eats a chicken wing an' then leaves the chicken alive to keep cluckin'.

Oh, I saw this picture in one a those shark books I got, in this part about the crazy shit they find in sharks' stomachs, y'know? Like, uh... license plates, tires, garbage an' shit. But so there was this one picture of some feet they found in a shark, like a pair of human feet. So I guess they had no idea whose feet they were. I wonder if like, somebody'll catch the shark that got my leg an' find my leg inside, all nasty an' half-eaten. They'll go, whoa, look, a leg! Wonder whose it is? Some hot girl's, looks like. Heh.

Or maybe my leg's all digested now an' pooped out. It's also weird to know a part of you was turned into poop."
Tags: 2000s, 21st century - fiction, adventure, american - fiction, animals (fiction), fiction, graphic novels, teen

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