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Doubt Omnibus 1 by Yoshiki Tonogai.


Title: Doubt Omnibus 1.
Author: Yoshiki Tonogai.
Genre: Fiction, manga, horror, survival fiction, video games, mystery, crime.
Country: Japan.
Language: Japanese.
Publication Date: 2007-2009 (2013 in English).
Summary: Rabbit Doubt—a mobile phone game—has taken Japan by storm. In it, players are rabbits who must uncover the wolf in rabbit's clothing before falling prey to its wiles... as well as its teeth. When a group of players decides to meet offline, the last thing they expect is to lose consciousness and wake up trapped in an abandoned building, mysterious bar codes tattooed on their bodies, and a corpse strung up in front of them. To stay alive, they have but one option—to sniff out the lying wolf in their midst. Will these virtual acquaintances be able to pull it together in the real world and avoid ending up the wolf's dinner?

My rating: 8.5/10
My review:

♥ One day, a wolf snuck into a tight-knit colony of rabbits. Once they all fell asleep, the wolf would reveal its true form, and devour one rabbit with each passing day. The rabbits, unsure about the identity of the wolf, gathered to discuss the matter. And then they decided to execute, one by one, the rabbits they most suspected of being the wolf. If they succeeded in killing the real wolf, then victory would belong to the rabbits. But if they were wrong, all the rabbits would fall prey to the wolf's jaws.

This is a tale about just that sort of a game.
Tags: 2000s, 21st century - fiction, crime, fiction, horror, japanese - fiction, manga, mystery, series, survival fiction, translated, video games (fiction)

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