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Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction by Brian K. Vaughan and Tony Harris.


Title: Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction.
Author: Brian K. Vaughan.
Artist: Tony Harris.
Genre: Literature, fiction, graphic novels, politics, alternative history, super heroes, fantasy.
Country: U.S.
Language: English
Publication Date: 2005-2006.
Summary: Mayor Mitchell Hundred makes a difficult decision about his own future, becoming part of a shocking trial complicated by the unexpected arrival of an all new superhero. Being sequestered with a problematic jury, Mitchell's friends will have to step up to the plate and dig in his past to uncover the identity of the inexperienced new "hero". At the trial's end, the Mayor leaves New York City for the first time since his election to embark on a strange adventure that will uncover some family secrets from his childhood.

My rating: 7/10.
My review:

♥ "What?! Why the fuck didn't you tell someone?"

"So now you believe me, do you? Who would have listened to me, Mr. Hundred? All I would have done is set up my family and me for a lengthy detention by federal authorities. So instead, I did what I could. I saved one life... Which is one more than those in the government who were supposed to be looking out for us did."

"If I could have been there from the beginning, I... I... I made it back to Ground Zero about ninety minutes after I diverted the second plane, forced it to make an emergency landing. There wasn't a civil engineer alive who thought that tower would go down, but still, I... I tried to help everyone who was trapped by the fire. I tried to convince the jumpers to hold on, but... But people don't listen to goddamn "Great Machine" the way... Whatever, I tried to catch them, but there were so many. I'm not that fast, not that strong..."

"This was beyond us both, my friend. It was fate that chose who lived and died that day. We can try to weight her wheel, but chance always gets the final spin."

♥ "No. You said he died on the job."

"I lied, Mitchell. Sooner or later, everybody does."

"You... You said dad was a saint. You said he was Atticus Finch!"

"He was, nine days out of ten. But maybe Atticus used to beat his wife. Thirty chapters of good deeds never tells you a man's whole story."
Tags: 1970s in fiction, 1980s in fiction, 2000s, 20th century in fiction, 21st century - fiction, 9/11 (fiction), alternative history, american - fiction, crime, fantasy, fiction, graphic novels, politics (fiction), sequels, social criticism (fiction), super heroes, technology (fiction)

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