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MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 1 by Various.


Title: MySpace Dark Horse Presents Volume 1.
Author: Joss Whedon, Tony Millionaire, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Rick Geary, Gerard Way, Peter Bagge, Adam Gallardo, Ron Marz, Adam Warren, Chris Grine, Steve Niles, Brodie H. Brockie, Haden Blackman, Mike Mignola, Matt Bernier, Rick Remender, The Fillbäch Brothers, Rebecca Sugar, John Arcudi, and Bob Fingerman.
Artist: Fábio Moon, Tony Millionaire, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Rick Geary, Gabriel Bá, Peter Bagge, Núria Peris, Sergio Sandoval, Luke Ross, Adam Warren, Chris Grine, Brian Churilla, Katie Cook, Cary Nord, Guy Davis, Kieron Dwyer, The Fillbäch Brothers, Frans Boukas, Herb Trimpe, and Bob Fingerman.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, anthology, short stories, action, adventure, humour, romance.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: September 17, 2008.
Summary: This collection of the first six issues of MySpace Presents Dark Horse includes 20 graphic short stories, many spin-offs or part of existing canons. In Sugarshock! is about a struggling rock band headed by a spunky girl named Dandelion who really hates Vikings (despite probably being one) and engages in nonsensical discussions, that receives an invitation for what an intergalactic battle of the bands because two of the band's members are not exactly what they seem. Sock Monkey is a short sketch about a snake eating a sock monkey. In A Circuit Closed, a young run-away girl is on an adventure to find her soul-mate with a help of a helmet that points the way with a beam of light when she puts it on. The Comic Con Murder Case is a short sketch about a murder at a Comic Con. Safe & Sound takes place in the Umbrella Academy universe, where the rebellious member of the Academy, The Kraken, rescues the Mayor's daughter who is kidnapped by a sinister gypsy who holds the girls's life literally in her hands in the form of a magical globe. Founding Fathers Funnies are two vignettes from the popular series, one, A Widow's Worry, about how the slaves convince the widowed Martha Washington to free the rest of the slaves that are part of her estate, and the second, Sticks and Stones, about president George Washington trying to show that slander doesn't get to him, until reading a pamphlet making an insulting comment about his rear end. In Gear School, from Gear School universe, Teresa, a cadet in the most prestigious military academy that utilizes highly advanced war machines, shows off her new Gear to impress a rival (or maybe even a boy). Samurai, Heaven and Earth: The Forest takes place in the Samurai canon, in 1704 China, as a samurai travels in search of his beloved, and encounters followers of a war-lord he had slain earlier in the forest. In Übermensch, taking place in the Empowered universe, D-List heroine Emp arrives just in time to help her friends defeat a monster, recounting the unfortunate nature of her super-powers along the way. In Random Bones, from the Chickenhare universe, Chickenhare and friends play a practical joke on Abe with a random pile of old bones. In The Nocturnal Adventures of Scratch and Suck, a pair of super-heroes - a vampire and a werewolf, get into a confrontation with each other and then some well-intentioned monster-hunters, until the two pay a visit to the writer of the comic to make a few minor adjustments to their characterization. In Tricks of the Trade, a young run-away is saved from the streets by a magician and offered a role as assistant in his magic acts, until she discovers the awful truth both about his magic, and why magicians use rabbits in so many of their tricks. The Axeman recounts the true stories of serial killers The Axeman of New Orleans, Herman Mudgett (alias H.H. Holmes), Joe Ball, and Ed Gein. In The Christmas Spirit: A Strange Tale of the Season there doesn't seem much hope for a young boy possessed by the Devil on Christmas Eve, until a mysterious stranger hands the mother a statue of St.Nicholas, and reminds her to place her faith in him. In Eat the Walls, a harpooner is stuck inside a whale, and contemplates how soon his provisions will run out and he will have to eat the walls. In Nothing to Fear, a part of the Fear Agent universe, Heath Huston is pursuing his long-lost kidnapped son through a post-Apocalyptic, monster-infested universe, until waking up on a planet that is the information-server of the universe, hooked up to a machine that simulates horrific hallucinations and collects his fear. In The Goon Chapter One: "The Big Blue Note" Goon and Frankie set out in search of Willy the Skeleton's pecker, which was stolen, which leads to Nathaniel Walthrup, collector of oddities, who promptly gets murdered in front of their eyes by a mysterious hooded assailant. In Chapter Two: "Bogged Down at Bush Street", the hooded assailant turns out to be razor-sharp-boomerang-wielding, killer, cannibal, striped-ass baboons, and when the friends make quick work of them and take them to the swamp to dispose of the bodies, the swamp turns out to be, aside from filled with disgusting things from entrails to body parts to defective glow-in-the-dark creamed corn, very much alive. In Chapter Three: "A Reasonable Amount of Trouble, Good and Frankie wash up on the docks and retrieve Willy's pecker from Captain Dudley Digges and his trained baboons, with a little last-minute help from a spider an 1,000 lbs of TNT. In Chapter Four: "Enter the Pecker", the nature of Willy pecker is finally revealed.

My rating: 7/10.
My Review:

♥ "I am not evil. I vowed to protect you against any threat. As queen of an unstable and war-ravaged empire with an inexperienced king ruled solely by passion for you and also factoring in your 72% chance of committing adultery with some admirer twice within the first six weeks of the union this represented a direct and inescapable threat."

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