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Bone: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border by Jeff Smith.


Title: Bone: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border.
Author: Jeff Smith.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, fantasy, adventure, children's lit, YA.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: September 1, 1998.
Summary: Fone and Smiley Bone strike out into the wilderness to return a lost rat creature cub to the mountains. It doesn't take long before they run smack into Rock Jaw, "Master of the Eastern Border," an enormous mountain lion with a none-too-friendly disposition. Life gets even more complicated when they befriend a group of baby animals who are being orphaned by rat creature attacks. Everything comes to a head in an earth-shattering clash between Rock Jaw and Kingdok, the leader of the rat creatures.

My rating: 8/10.
My Review:

♥ In the stalls of my heart, dear,
I've built a horse-cart, dear
And my dear you can ride it all day...

I've built it from love
From the clouds up above
E'en the rains cannot wash it away!

But my love you can't hear,
So the cart will not steer,
And I'm left with a heart full of hay.
Tags: 1990s - fiction, 20th century - fiction, adventure, american - fiction, children's lit, fantasy, fiction, graphic novels, humour (fiction), poetry in quote, sequels, ya

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