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The Rescuers by Margery Sharp.


Title: The Rescuers.
Author: Margery Sharp.
Genre: Fiction, children's lit, YA, adventure, animals.
Country: U.K.
Language: English.
Publication Date: 1959.
Summary: Miss Bianca is a white mouse of great beauty and supreme self-confidence, who, courtesy of her young friend, the ambassador’s son, resides luxuriously in a porcelain pagoda. Miss Bianca would seem to be a pampered creature, however, it is precisely Miss Bianca that the Prisoners’ Aid Society picks for the job of rescuing a Norwegian poet imprisoned in the legendarily dreadful Black Castle (we all know, don’t we, that mice are the friends of prisoners, tending to their needs in dungeons and oubliettes everywhere). There Miss Bianca will be able to enlist one Nils, known to be the bravest mouse in the land, in a desperate and daring endeavor that will take them, along with their trusty companion Bernard, across turbulent seas and over the paws and under the maws of cats into one of the darkest places known to man or mouse. It will take everything they’ve got and a good deal more to escape with their own lives, not to mention the poet.

My rating: 8.5/10.

♥ They left at once. (Nils just fetched his cutlass from the cloak-room, and he was ready too.) No one bothered to say goodbye to them, in fact no one took any notice of them at all. “Do you always set out on a voyage so - so casually?” asked Miss Bianca, as they passed through the wood-cellar. She really felt quite nettled. “Stands to reason,” said Nils. “Us Norwegians be for ever setting out on voyages.” “But one so fraught with peril!” exclaimed Miss Bianca. “All voyages are fraught with peril,” said Nils matter-of-factly.

♥ “But how do we get the keys from the jailer?” persisted Miss Bianca.

“By force,” said Nils.

Miss Bianca had an uneasy feeling that the point wasn’t really settled. How exactly did one use force on a jailer, if one happened to be a mouse? But she didn’t want to undermine the meeting’s confidence; also she recalled a saying of the great Duke of Wellington’s, to the effect that whereas his enemies made plans of wire, he made his of string - that is, he always left something to the inspiration of the moment. Frail and pliable as string, yet in the end strong as a rope-ladder, Miss Bianca trusted their plans might prove! - and passed on to the next step.
Tags: 1950s - fiction, 20th century - fiction, 3rd-person narrative, adventure, animals (fiction), anthropomorphism, british - fiction, children's lit, fantasy, fiction, my favourite books, series, travel and exploration (fiction), ya

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