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Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki.


Title: Skim.
Author: Mariko Tamaki.
Artist: Jillian Tamaki.
Genre: Fiction, graphic novel, teen, YA, homosexuality, mental health, romance.
Country: Canada.
Language: English.
Publication Date: 2008.
Summary: "Skim" is Kimberly Keiko Cameron, an overweight, would-be Wiccan goth who goes to a private girls' school. When her classmate Katie Matthews is dumped by her boyfriend, who then kills himself — possibly because he's (maybe) gay — the entire school goes into mourning overdrive. It's a weird time to fall in love, but that's what happens to Skim when she starts meeting secretly with her neo-hippie English teacher, Ms. Archer. But then Ms. Archer abruptly leaves the school, and Skim has to cope with her confusion and isolation while her best friend, Lisa, tries to pull her into "real" life.

My rating: 9/10.
Tags: 2000s, 20th century - fiction, 21st century - fiction, bildungsroman, canadian - fiction, fiction, graphic novels, homosexuality (fiction), mental health (fiction), romance, suicide (fiction), teen, ya

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