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Psycho by Robert Bloch.


Title: Psycho.
Author: Robert Bloch.
Genre: Fiction, horror, thriller, mystery.
Country: U.S.
Language: English.
Publication Date: 1959.
Summary: Norman Bates loves his Mother. She has been dead for the past twenty years, or so people think. Norman knows better though. He has lived with Mother ever since leaving the hospital in the old house up on the hill above the Bates motel. One night Norman spies on a beautiful woman that checks into the hotel as she undresses. Norman can't help but spy on her. Mother is there though. She is there to protect Norman from his filthy thoughts. She is there to protect him with her butcher knife.

My rating: 7.5/10

♥ “It’s alright,” he said, wondering at the same time why there were no better words, why there never are any better words to answer fear and grief and loneliness. “It’s all right, believe me.”

♥ Funny, Sam told himself, how we take it for granted that we know all there is to know about another person, just because we see them frequently or because of some strong emotional tie. Why, right here in Fairvale there were plenty of examples of what he meant. Like old Tomkins, superintendent of schools for years and a big wheel in Rotary, running away from his wife and family with a sixteen-year-old girl. Who ever suspected he’d do a thing like that? Any more than they’d suspected Mike Fisher, the biggest lush and gambler in this part of the state, would die and leave all his money to the Presbyterian Orphans’ Home. Bob Summerfield, Sam’s clerk at the store, had worked here every day for over a year before Sam knew he’d pulled a Section Eight in service - and for trying to beat out his chaplain’s brains with a pistol butt, too. Bob was all right now, of course; a nicer, quieter guy you wouldn’t find in a hundred years. But he’d been nice and quiet in the army, too, until something set him off. And nobody had noticed. Nice old ladies did away with their husbands after twenty years of happy marriage, meek little bank clerks suddenly up and embezzled the funds - you never could tell what might happen.
Tags: 1950s - fiction, 20th century - fiction, 3rd-person narrative, american - fiction, fiction, horror, hotels/inns (fiction), mystery, series, thrillers

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